Note the conference has been reduced to one day. If you are planning to attend to a talk we would suggest that you go to the videoconference room in your department at least 10 minutes to make sure everything is connected. If any problem arises ask your local IT team or call 0753 2055426.

2 February

10.05-10.15 Opening
10.15-11.00 Alistair Wallis - "An Introduction to Category Theory" (slides)
11.05-11.50 Jesus Martinez - "Stiefel-Whitney classes and classification of Real Projective Spaces" (slides)
11.50-11.55 Break
11.55-12.40 Lisa Torlina - "Introduction to String Theory" (slides)
12.40-13.25 Dorothy Winn - "An introduction to Mori Dream Spaces"
13.25-14.15 Lunch Break
14.15-15.00 Rollo Jenkins - "Global dimension: A homological approach to measuring smoothness"
15.05-15.50 Alistair Wallis - "Statistical Inference in Quantum Computation" (slides)
15.50-16.05 Break
16.05-16.50 Daniele Sepe - "An introduction to Lagrangian Fibrations"
16.50-16.55 Closing