About the Seminar Series

The main goal of the SMSTC Seminar Series is to give SMSTC students a space to expose their work outside from the courses to other participants of SMSTC. The online stream facilities will be used for the talks. Talks by second/third year students are also welcomed.

The work exposed may include background contents in the students areas of study. In addition, material arising from example sheets, and related topics skipped by the courses due to time constraints may be exposed or clarified. The Seminar Series provide an opportunity for first year students to practise their presentation skills in a friendly environment.


Rollo Jenkins (Edinburgh), Jesus Martinez Garcia (Edinburgh), Daniele Sepe (Edinburgh), Lisa Torlina (Edinburgh), Alistair Wallis (Heriot-Watt), Dorothy Winn (Glasgow)


10.05-10.15 Opening
10.15-11.00 Alistair Wallis - "An Introduction to Category Theory"
11.05-11.50 Jesus Martinez - "Stiefel-Whitney classes and classification of Real Projective Spaces"
11.50-11.55 Break
11.55-12.40 Lisa Torlina - "Introduction to String Theory"
12.40-13.25 Dorothy Winn - "An introduction to Mori Dream Spaces"
13.25-14.15 Lunch Break
14.15-15.00 Rollo Jenkins - "Global dimension: A homological approach to measuring smoothness"
15.05-15.50 Alistair Wallis - "Statistical Inference in Quantum Computation"
15.50-16.05 Break
16.05-16.50 Daniele Sepe - "An introduction to Lagrangian Fibrations"
16.50-16.55 Closing


DOWNLOAD now the poster for the conference. If you can post a copy in your department, please, let me know (J.Martinez-Garcia (at) sms.ed.ac.uk). You can also download the original proposal and the Powerpoint presentation of the Seminar given in Perth.


Hopefully on the second or third week of January there will be a short talk on how to use the stream facilities. This will be announced in due time.

Providing there is enough interest a talk will be given on how to prepare and deliver a mathematical talk, as it could be the first talk for many students. If you are interested in this to happen, please e-mail Jesus Martinez (J.Martinez-Garcia (at) sms.ed.ac.uk)